Hello world!

Welcome to RoComAI! Did you say, “Tech Support?”

Uhhh, OK. What is a RoComAI?

Originally RoComAI was a concept for a world-class tech service that specialized in RObots, COMputers, and Artificial Intelligence. What we do best is take broken or under-performing technology and make it work. Then we make it work better. Then we make it work smarter. Our customers are typically businesses, especially small business with less than two hundred employees. The concept has evolved to handle other customer problems like database management, website maintenance and technical manuals.

I’ve been addicted to computers since the U. S. Army taught me to program in 1965. Some of the major concerns I’ve been hearing lately include:

“This is so complicated! Isn’t there a way to make this all work together?”

“When our system is down, the whole business stops. Isn’t there something we can do to reduce downtime?”

“These tasks take too long. Isn’t there SOMETHING we can do to speed it up?”

Yes. If you’re curious about how we helped these customers with an 87%  improvement in performance, give us a call at (713) 802-9576.

In the meantime, I will be providing articles and examples that should give you added information about living with technology.

Mike Burke